Out with the old and in with the new! The lifespan of a roof is typically around 30 years if properly installed, which means if you’re currently looking to get a new roof, odds are this is your first time shopping for one. Roof replacement is an essential step in home improvement, even if it doesn’t feel as glamorous or exciting as picking out new kitchen cabinets.

A new roof is one of the best investments you can make, and it will elevate both the safety and overall look of your home. If you’re contemplating getting your roof replaced, consider some of the benefits of roof replacement, as this will ultimately help you make your decision about what is best for your home and which company will be right for the job.

Benefits of Roof Replacement

A roof’s basic function is to protect the inside of your home from weather and extreme temperatures, but its purpose is also to keep out moisture, which can bring harmful substances like mold. If a roof isn’t fulfilling this purpose, you should consider roof replacement. But what are the benefits of getting your roof replaced?


As a roof gets older, the structure can become unstable. This can cause extreme danger when it needs to protect the inside of your home from falling trees, debris, or harsh weather. Even if it is not visibly weakened, an old roof can still be dangerous, as its instability can lead to a collapse.

Besides structural damage, an old roof can have severe effects on the health of those living in the home. Roofs with leaks, whether small or large, can lead to a moisture buildup that causes mold. Mold brings an abundance of health problems that should be taken seriously. Even those who aren’t allergic can face respiratory problems when living in a house with mold.

High Return on Investment

A new roof can have as much as a 100% return on investment, making it one of the greatest home improvement investments you can make. When selling your home in the future, you’ll gain back most (if not all) of the roofing costs. Your home’s appeal will allow you to sell at a higher price, especially since buyers tend to gravitate towards home that won’t need a lot of work done.

Appeal of Your Home

A new roof can go a long way when enhancing the visual appeal of your home. As one of the most prominent features, a new roof will make any home look fresh and attractive. On the other hand, an old, unstable roof will age the look of a home and make it look unkempt.

Roof Replacement in Central Florida

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